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Medical Journalism: A Marketing sector

Medical Journalism Marketing Sector

Life of a Medical Journalist

A Medical journalist reports various aspects of therapeutics and healthcare ranging from information for the general masses to writing research or condensing the various research data available for medical professionals. However medical journalism may not always be accurate and unbiased. It needs to be verified at various levels because a large number of individuals associated with pharmaceutical companies, food industry aid the marketing aspect of healthcare industry by involving academic physicians and healthcare organizations to give credibility to their products and in turn promote the same. To know the truth and obtain genuine reviews a medical journalist needs to dwell deeper into details as to who is the funding source or a funding organizations involved so that authentic information can reach a consumer without the bias involved. The flip side is that a lot of medical journalist can also be involved with these promotional events and can lead you with information that can be skeptical in terms of authenticity.

How to decipher the truth?

Medical journalist needs to look for hidden financial trails or any considerations which might be beneficial to the researchers in terms of monetary funding, grants, reimbursements or personal favors. Even checking individuals who have stock options or certain industrial linkages in the drug being manufactured can prove to be beneficial in terms of information being received from the source thus ensuring accuracy. All research is not biased or fake but proper research has to be done before accepting a viewpoint. Medical journalists are known for credibility in the information they provide by giving evidence based articles so that the consumers and even healthcare professionals are benefited. To be Medical journalist it’s important that individual has keen interest in research, confidence in asking appropriate questions and a flair for writing so that  concise and precise information can reach the masses. The ethics of journalism remains to true to even healthcare sector by providing unbiased, truthful, authentic information. Marketing surely is one aspect of medical journalism where journalist work for organizations by promoting their drugs ,equipments in terms of research paper, news articles or social media sectors but it doesn’t mean to provide an untrue picture without evidence to the world.

Online Medical Journalism Courses / Healthcare Journalism Courses

James Lind institute provides you the opportunity to take your flair for writing and community service to the next level by imparting truthful and unbiased healthcare news to the public. The institute provides an extensive program offering Professional diploma in medical journalism. It is suitable for individuals looking to diversify into the field of medical journalism providing ample opportunities working in Newspapers, Radio shows, Publication houses, social media and even healthcare organizations.

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