Pharmaceutical Medicine

Pharmaceutical Medicine Course

Pharmaceutical medicine is a very interesting and high growth career option that encompasses all aspects of drug development right from discovery to marketing of the drug and ongoing safety evaluations (pharmacovigilance). Individuals trained in pharmaceutical medicine have a good understanding of basic drug research, pre-clinical testing (animal testing), clinical research (testing in humans), mechanisms of the action of the drugs in the human body, global pharmaceutical regulatory guidelines and pharmacovigilance. Most of the developed countries such as the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Mexico and Ireland have already recognized pharmaceutical medicine as a distinct speciality of medicine. In the UK alone, pharmaceutical medicine has been in existence for more than four decades.

Individuals trained in pharmaceutical medicine have the same objectives as of pharmaceutical physicians which are to maintain the standards of practice and professionalism in competency, care and conduct applied to the work and growing public recognition and accountability.  People who have pursued a course in pharmaceutical medicine can develop a career in pharmaceutical companies, contract research companies, biotechnology companies and even regulatory agencies such as the DCGI, US FDA, EMEA etc in which they can significantly contribute to the development of new drugs and devices.

James Lind Institute (JLI) offers an online program, Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine for people who wish to make their career in the field of drug development and translational research. It a program developed to fully meet the requirements of the drug development industry and has been developed as per the recommendations of the International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians (IFAPP). This course in pharmaceutical medicine is also a preparatory course for the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine examination conducted by the Royal College of Physicians, London. To know more about the course, how to apply and the application deadline, please feel free to visit the James Lind Institute website today.


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