Pharmacovigilance Course Options

Pharmacovigilance Course Options

Pharmacovigilance provides good career prospects with new drugs researched and developed everyday. The increasing demand for qualified pharmacovigilance professionals in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries can be met through training programs and courses provided in this field.

Pharmacovigilance Courses 

Pharmacovigilance involves study of preventing adverse effects caused by drugs and pharmaceutical products. The government is making an effort to help support pharmacovigilance courses with primary goal to ensure creation of awareness of the adverse effects of pharmaceuticals. Pharmacovigilance makes implementation of quality systems possible in pharmaceutical companies manufacturing large amounts of medicine. Pharmaceutical companies require skilled personnel to implement quality pharmacovigilance systems in manufacturing and marketing activities. Recruiting pharmaceutical specialists with necessary knowledge, skill and experience in pharmacovigilance has become a necessity in such companies. The development in pharmacovigilance sector ensures vast career opportunities with no shortage of jobs in this field.

Regular, part-time and e-learning Certificate and Post Graduate Diploma or Advanced PG Diploma, Executive Diploma and other courses are available in Pharmacovigilance. Graduates or postgraduates in bioscience or any field of life science like botany, zoology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics and biotechnology or medicine, nursing and pharmacy can apply for such courses. Courses in pharmacovigilance cover a variety of important aspects of signal detection, report writing, data and risk management with a thorough understanding of local and global regulatory bodies. Promoting such courses helps fill vacancies with skilled personnel to earn attractive and handsome packages in drug safety and pharmacovigilance.  There are ample of job opportunities in the practice of high-quality pharmacovigilance concepts in pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CRO), business process outsourcing (BPO) companies or regulatory bodies.

James Lind Institute Courses 

Health professionals and pharmacology researchers need refresher courses to handle pharmacovigilance activities in health associations or regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical industries and non-governmental health associations. Such courses are created with the objective of providing knowledge and skills required to recognise detrimental effects of drugs followed by identifying ways to minimize harm to patients. These flexible job-oriented courses with industry-specific curriculum in pharmacovigilance train aspirants to acquire excellent career opportunities. The courses are designed to meet the demand for pharmacovigilance professionals with specialized understanding of various issues and practical industrial approach. These courses acknowledge the basis of adverse drug reactions, regulatory guidelines, handling safety and labelling issues, risk management systems and processes. Pharmacovigilance training is provided by expert teaching faculty with practical and theoretical experience.

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides diploma and post graduate courses in pharmacovigilance in combination with clinical research, regulatory affairs, data management, pharmacoepidemiology or quality assurance. Such comprehensive courses cover practical, scientific, technical and ethical concepts of pharmacovigilance and applicable regulatory guidelines. These courses are developed to substitute classroom programs through online e-learning, knowledge sharing and skill training. 

The Online Campus Tutoring Centre (OCTC) allows sharing information, interactions and discussions with tutors, faculty members and fellow students. Expert faculty at JLI with industry experience and placement support system guarantees job opportunities to boost career prospects in pharmacovigilance. The pharmacovigilance faculty of national and international origin have years of experience to motivate and train the aspirants in this field. 

Online Pharmacovigilance Course at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides various online courses for aspirants to pursue job opportunities in the field of pharmacovigilance.

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