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Pharmaceutical Marketing

Marketing skills, experience and personal qualities are highly valued by employers to promote developed products and services within the prosperous pharmaceutical industry.

Marketing of Drugs 

Pharmaceutical industry plays a prominent role in the process of rapid and safe discovery, research and development of new pharmaceutical products followed by production and distribution of safe and efficacious products. Marketing techniques employed by pharmaceutical industries for highly regulated commodities have evolved to become more competitive. Advancement in global marketing strategies and technologies in profit driven pharmaceutical industry includes processes and activities for maximizing profits and facing market challenges. Pharmaceutical business is defined as a management process and branch of marketing adopting sales and promotion among manufacturers and distributors to induce prescription, purchase, supply and use of medicinal drugs. 

Pharmaceutical marketing process includes identifying public needs and creating products or services to meet this demand; developing better products and services in the market; communicating information, determining product value and target market; exchanging and transacting the product for a value with public satisfaction. Pharmaceutical marketing includes all informational and persuasive activities that serves and meets the identified needs of patients in a profitable way. This highlight marketing from industrial view or perspective of pharmaceutical brand, issues related to promotional practices and impact of prescribing behaviour on physicians.  Marketing activities are focused on educating physicians and creating public awareness of pharmaceutical brands. Pharmaceutical marketing includes disease management programs, sample distribution, availability of detailed product literature and support material to patients, and organising events or meetings with physicians. 

Courses and Job opportunities

Position in sales, marketing and communications, medical director or advisor, medical liaison, clinical research and senior management personnel are available in pharmaceutical, nutrition and herbal, equipment and diagnostic companies. Marketing experience can help climb and advance to senior position within the company. The highest average salaries are enjoyed by individuals holding management positions of CEOs (Chief executive officers), general managers, sales and health service managers in the pharmaceutical sector. Pharmaceutical marketers and marketing professionals are responsible for assessing the market demand for pharmaceutical goods and services within the industry. All these professionals help devise marketing plans and price lists in order to profit and compete with other pharmaceutical companies. 

Available courses and programs prepare individuals in basic pharmaceutical sciences, management and marketing studies for a career in pharmaceutical marketing, sales, management and related areas within the industry. Courses are designed keeping the zest and vigour of the industry in mind to enhance knowledge and skills required in pharmaceutical marketing. Comprehensive courses in pharmaceutical marketing offer candidate with important practical information and theoretical knowledge on working modalities, industry type, methodologies and techniques of drug development, quality control and assurance. The skill improvement and training programs provide all minor and major details of the pharmaceutical industry. Intelligently aligned course structure with step wise insight helps prepare for the challenging career path in this industry. Marketing, sales, public relations, advertising, promotion, marketing research and brand management skills are major marketing functions needed in such professionals. High-level of communication and management skills are required as a desired asset from marketing professionals. 

Online Pharmaceutical Marketing Course at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Professional Diploma in Medico-marketing to understand the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

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