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Training needs for nursing staff in Nigeria

Training needs for nursing staff in Nigeria :- The deliverance of priceless healthcare management services is driven by ever growing team of qualified healthcare professionals. As people are decisive resources for the organization, the improvement of this asset is vital for the unrelenting health and success of the organization. The training needs estimation is an important activity for the training and improvement function. Keeping in view this as a backdrop the paper is intended to study training requirements identification of nursing staff in Healthcare units in Nigeria. The study was carried out through a survey among 110 nursing staff and 30 DMOs using well thought-out feedback forms. The findings of the study exposed that the training requirement gap is reasonably more for eagerness in learning followed by clinical proficiency and Team Spirit. The training gap analysis revealed that it is least for communication, followed by scheduling & systematizing skills. There should not be any concessions in the quality of services to be extended to the patients as the healthcare management organizations engage in handling the valuable life of the people and the need for highly informed professionals in healthcare sector can hardly be overstressed.

This paper seeks to furnish a summary of the perception of training needs analysis (TNA), existing practice, models and the effect that training needs analysis currently has on nurses in public healthcare management courses in Nigeria. Thus, the paper should help future research in the area of TNA of nurses in the course of helping researchers to elucidate the abstract boundaries of training needs of nurses; providing a hypothetical framework that could help researchers in delineating their research endeavors in the area; and ascertaining a research agenda and recognizing the impact this research will effectively have on Human Resource administrators in hospitals across Nigeria.

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