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The surfacing of novel communication means and technologies in modern times is rapidly altering the pharmaceutical promotional landscape across the globe. Both medical professionals and end users are increasing their confidence on the web based information as a rich source of medical and health information, encouraging pharmaceutical sales promoters to choose digital means for business opportunities to achieve their intended audiences.

Medico marketing, sometimes called pharmaceutical-marketing in many countries, is the process of promoting or otherwise advertising the sale of drug products. There are several substantiations that advertising practices can harmfully affect both customers, in this context the patients and the medical professional who prescribes the drug.

In other words, Medico-Marketing is a bidirectional flow of information between a drug maker and the prescribing healthcare professional, or with the customer if the doctor so requests. The objective of this exchange is to elucidate the manufacturer’s products and how it will benefit the end user in diagnosis or treatment of the health problem.

Healthcare professionals ask for lucid and candid information on a drug product. Every drug has both positive and negative attributes. Advertisements are decisive for passing information on drugs to doctors and are significantly used by drug makers for backing of their medicinal products. The drug Information reflected on promotions should be of extreme quality and must not be exaggerated or untrue. Advertisements which inflate the advantages of medicines and tend to be soft in divulging possible risks pertaining to medicines may result in harmful side effects.

Pharmaceutical companies essentially provide in-house designed medico-marketing training programs to prepare their marketing work forces. Training courses prepare advertising/promotional teams for the many factors that affect marketing and sales of medicinal products.

Typical medico-marketing training programs focuses on tactical prerequisites such as brand management, building global brand equity, global marketing and should throw emphasis on customer relationship management and return on marketing investments. These are the key for marketing or brand management in the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, device, or biotechnology companies.

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